Dana products have helped to drive history’s greatest vehicles from the Model T and the World War II-era Jeep®, to 18-wheel rigs, giant earth-moving machines, and every car on the NASCAR® racing circuit. Today Dana Holdings is a world leader in the supply of driveline products (axles, drive shafts, and transmissions), power technologies (sealing and thermal-management products), and genuine service parts for light- and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers. The company’s customer base includes nearly every major vehicle manufacturer in the global automotive, commercial vehicle, and off-highway markets.

In the Australian heavy-duty truck market Dana is recognised for the reliability and durability of their product range. Major Australian OEM’s incorporate Dana products into their vehicles because they know that Dana will exceed their expectations and those of their customers. Dana Australia assembles drive and steer axles for local truck manufacturers as well as the assembly of heavy-duty drive and steering shafts.

Dana Australia has recognised that there is a growing need in Australia amongst serious 4×4 recreational owners and operators for aftermarket performance axles and driveline products to exceed current vehicle expectations.

Dana Performance

4×4. Strength. Power. Endurance

Dana Performance an aftermarket division of Dana Australia now offers solutions designed and made in Australia for a range of popular 4×4 vehicles, all components are supported by a Dana Warranty and available only through a network of Australian distributors.

Development is ongoing to add to this growing inventory.

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